Used Oil Collection

Nationwide Oil establishes its customers on regularly scheduled service pickups, eliminating the need for customers to call us to pickup their used oil unless a special pickup is requested.

We test the used oil to ensure it meets or exceeds Federal Used Oil Standards. The test results, as well as the amount of oil collected are properly tracked to meet regulatory requirements.

Vacuum Truck Service

We use our 3,000 gallon vacuum service truck to collect and transport non hazardous liquid wastewater from your site.  We specialize in servicing:

  • Sand and grit traps
  • Oil / water separators
  • Oily water collection
  • Other industrial wastewater

Once processed, we dispose of the waste through a licensed and permitted disposal facility.

Vac Truck02

Oil Filter Recycling

Nationwide Oil provides its customers with DOT approved 55 gallon drums to store used oil filters until pickup.

At each regular service interval, the full drums are removed and replaced with empty drums by our collection technicians and then transported to our storage facility. The used oil filters are then sent to an approved processing center for recycling.

Anti Freeze Recycling

Nationwide Oil will collect all forms of anti freeze with regularly scheduled pickups as well.


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